We take broadcast into the 21st century.

You can’t not have a streaming option for your event anymore.

Your audience expects your event to have a streaming option and they expect it to be of the same quality that they’d see on television. The shoe-string budget just isn’t an option anymore.

Bottom line- to get attention, your stream has to look polished and professional. That’s where we come in.

Our team got its start in traditional broadcast.

We did the linear tape-to-tape editing back in the day. We get it.

We also get that that’s not where the industry is anymore.

We take our roots in broadcast and the best of breed modern technology and marry them together to offer solutions for streaming everything from a single camera church service to even the largest most high-profile live events. All to the broadest possible audience.

On The Broadcast Side of The House-
Modern, Best of Breed Equipment
We stick to the highest broadcast standards that the customer’s budget allows when it comes to the production equipment used on your event. When our team provides the production services, the trucks and fly kits we use are state-of-the-art.

Experienced Crews
Some digital companies use crew that works exclusively with digital media. Our experience shows that the end product is always enhanced with a team of experienced broadcast pros running the gear. We vet all crew members and only use teams that have traditional broadcast experience as well as digital media experience.

Reliable Transmission Standards
The “other guys” typically use a single video encoder on site at the event location, where it’s subject to the internet available at the location. All of our events utilize at least two diverse connections to encoders hosted in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. We possible within the client’s budget, we utilize broadcast backhaul standards including fiber, satellite, and bonded connections like LiveU and TVU backpacks.

From The Live Streaming World-
Budget/Equipment Balance
If the event budget doesn’t allow us to roll trucks, we can produce quality results using less expensive gear. We routinely produce events with up to 4 hosts coming in via Zoom and switched using our Blackmagic Design ATEM switching equipment. With our host supports kits, these events typically produce “near broadcast” quality picture and audio at a fraction of the price of rolling trucks and using broadcast equipment. No project is too small, just contact us!

Multi-Skilled Operators, Including The Owner
While broadcast positions are typically specialized, some live streaming event budgets just don’t allow for dedicated crew members. Our team is not afraid of multi-tasking. We work with challenging budgets regularly… we’re used to it!

Fix It On The Fly (Only If We Have To!)
Sometimes the environment just doesn’t allow for traditional broadcast-grade backhaul to be utilized. That’s when we get creative! Whether it’s bonded 4G/5G, LiveU backpacks, or even bringing our own gigabit network to the site because the provided one just isn’t capable to support the event, we’ll get the feed where it needs to go.

In the traditional broadcast landscape, the entire process works in sync to get the product on the air because the individuals along the chain all understand the end goal… get it on the air!

With live streaming, though, you’re relying on a third party to get your event to your audience. Whether that is a dedicated content delivery network or social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube you have a potential for disconnection from your audience. The priorities of these platforms are totally different than those of broadcasters; they want to provide a platform for millions of users and individual live events aren’t a top priority.

The fact is, unless you are hosting an event with hundreds of thousands of participants, the platform’s support team probably isn’t even aware of it happening…if the platform even has a support team.

That’s where we come in!

Our team can translate between the two worlds, making sure that your event is well-produced and helping the platform understand why it matters and who the audience is. We have the contacts and know-how to get their help on your behalf.

We have long relationships with our providers and several social media platforms that allow us to get attention to any problem that may pop up. We aren’t afraid to use our contacts for you!

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